9th Forum for the Future

Of The Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative


The G8 BMENA Initiative

 The G8 Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative represents  genuine cooperation between G8 and BMENA governments, private sector, and  regional civil society advocates, and strengthens freedom, democracy and  prosperity for all. The inaugural Forum for the Future held in Rabat in  December 2004 established a process of dialogue among G8 and regional  governments in pursuit of these aims, and underwrote seven ambitious  initiatives formulated at the Sea Island summit. Since the first Forum, civil  society groups and lead partner countries have made significant advances to this  agenda and focused on transparency and good governance, democratic  participation, women's empowerment, legal reform, and human rights.

The yearly Forum for the Future is a centerpiece of the BMENA partnership. It provides an international venue to support the reform voices in the region. The Forum permits the partners and other supportive countries and organizations to engage in political, economic and social reform on a regular basis.

Key Objectives

Each G8 country, with its regional co-chair, has led the BMENA Initiative once. Many civil society leaders in the region are calling for “less talk and more action” from BMENA in 2012. This year, the co-chairs and NGO partners proposed the following overarching objectives for the 2012 BMENA process: ...read more